I view the placenta as sacred medicine that your body creates to help you through the postpartum period.  I love creating this medicine for families to help ease the transition into new parenthood.  It is exciting that this traditional practice is being studied more and we are starting to learn the science behind it.  I am a total science nerd and love sharing my placenta knowledge.
— Meg Novak, CPM, LM

 Placenta Encapsulation

Newer in the field of postpartum research is the multiple benefits of consuming placenta after the birth of your baby. Researched and reported benefits include:

  • Increased milk supply

  • Lowered risk of postpartum depression and mood disorders

  • Increased iron supply postpartum

  • Lowered bleeding time postpartum

Meg can prepare your placenta medicine to whatever specifications you prefer, and also offer tincture preparation and cord keepsakes.