Meet Meg, CPM LM (WI)

Serving Winona, Rochester, LaCrosse, and The Driftless Region

Hello!  I am a Certified Professional Midwife and Licensed Midwife living in Winona and serving the surrounding region. I am passionate about providing family-centered care that puts you in charge of the transformative process of pregnancy and birth. I have been working with birthing families for 16 years, and have been a Certified Professional Midwife for 6 years.

I provide safe, personalized, evidenced-based care in the comfort of your own home. I enjoy using my knowledge as a clinical herbalist to help families deal with the normal discomforts of pregnancy and birth, and find the plant remedies that are best for you. I have also received advanced training in Spinning Babies techiniques and bring that knowledge and training into both prenatal care and the birth process.

I walk by the side of the families I serve through out the entire pregnancy and birth process. Through building a personal relationship in the months leading up to childbirth,  we create an atmosphere of trust that facilitates peaceful and empowered births.  I also provide post- partum care for the birthing parent and babe up to 6 weeks.  Nothing’s better than snuggling into your own bed with a new babe after birth, and having your care givers come to you!

Outside of providing care for birthing families I am also a clinical herbalist. I find great peace and joy in foraging for plants medicines out in the woods and crafting personalized medicines from them. I live with my two sons and enjoy traveling, improving my spanish, and dancing in my spare time.

Feel free to call me to set up an informational interview. I look forward to working with families in Southern Minnesota and the Driftless Region.


Kiki is a doula and works with my practice as a birth assitant. Her upbeat personality

and enthusiasm for homebirth and creating access for all families are great assests to our

team. Kiki is beginning her formal study of midwifery, is ceritifed in neonatal Rescessitation

and is completeing a formal birth assistant training this fall. She is also certified as a

Community Outreach Perinatal Educator through Commonsense Childbirth. In her

spare time Kiki enjoys knitting and spending time with family.

Meg Novak, CPM, LM (WI)

Meg Novak, CPM, LM (WI)

Meet the Birth Assistant

Kiki Beswick, COPE